networking – Ubuntu Server 20.04 network-manager not starting VPN automatically

I am getting desperate here. I need to connect a Ubuntu Server Machine on a VPS to a network to monitor several machines. I can only connect to the network with L2TP over IPsec.

I have tried installing the GUI on the Ubuntu Server, changing Netplan to use Network Manager as renderer, but this way I can’t manage to get the VPN connection starting automatically on boot. I cannot start the GUI tool sudo nmcli-connection-editorfrom VNC because it fails to start a GUI applet with privileges.
The only option I have found is to use nmcli editor over ssh with sudo nmcli c edit netplan-01-eth0 and trying to set the connection.secondaries value to the UUID of the “myvpn” connection.

This doesn’t work as rebooting the VPS just removes the value of connection.secondaries back to an empty value.

I need a solution to keep the VPN always up, regardless of disconnections from the VPN Server (similar to DPD in Strongswan) and to reboot.

I would love to use strongswan, but I cannot make swanctl to work.