networking – Windows 10: Samba networked drive on Ubuntu machine frequently gets “tuckered out”

I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m pecking away at a long-term project updating a lot of MP3 tags on ~300GB of music files on an Ubuntu computer running Plex somewhere else in the house; lots of folder renaming, file renaming, and updating MP3 tags with MP3Tag from my Windows computer.

Both computers are wired to the router; I’m not running over wifi.

Periodically — a few times a day — the connection to the Ubuntu box gets “tired”. It might keep transferring data, but very, very slowly — like 1 kb/hour — or a file will save with a tag update in MP3Tag, but take 15 minutes to save a 3MB file.

While this is happening, I can ping the Ubuntu box with normal (time <1ms) speed, I can play music from the Plex server normally… but Windows Explorer either won’t respond when I try to access the mapped network drive, or do it very, very slowly; same with MP3Tag.

Is there something I can fix here? I’m not sure how to further diagnose the problem. Ideally there’s a way to give the connection a quick shake and ‘wake it up,’ but I have no idea how to do that. Right now, I just wait until I get frustrated, restart the computers, and it’s fine again for a while.