networking – Wireless Network Connection “sometimes”/occasionally successful Kali Linux (VirtualBox)

I am fairly new to Kali Linux (v2020 on VirtualBox attached to NAT) and Ethical Hacking in general. So, well, I am not able to figure out how to connect wirelessly to my Network Adapter. I have looked through various forums on the same, but still in vain. It shows the error Activation of Network Connection Failed and sometimes it simply fails to detect any nearby networks. I am using Ralink 802.11 n WLAN (0101) Wireless Adapter. And, I think it does support Monitor Mode judging from the fact that I was able to run the airodump command successfully (and it was able to show me the nearby access points). With this command too, I have found out that it is not always able to detect the clients. And, I am not sure, when or in what specific configurations that is. How am I supposed to resolve this issue?