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We are excited to announce that we are expanding due to our remarkable growth over the last year! Our offerwall, which we integrated about 6 months ago into Bizdustry hasn’t been as successful as the forum but plans to change this. Before you read our exciting and upcoming changes to how our offerwall is going to work and our approach, we would like to explain what our offerwall actually is. Members can register and participate in paid surveys and help shape the products of tomorrow. If completing boring studies isn’t for you, we also have paid trial offers, such as registering for free with Netflix or Amazon for 30 days. However, not everybody wants to share their card details to sign up to these websites, so that’s why we also offer the chance for users to partake in paid downloading of apps on their phones! There are many more ways to earn money on our Bizdustry offerwall and what I’ve mentioned is only a handful of methods to maximize your online earnings with us.

One last point to mention that is worth noting, our marketing plan won’t be instant. This will be over the course of a period of months before we successfully reach our goals. One step at a time can lead to many steps that have been taken.

  • Expanding our Partner List – Our partners provide the offers and pay us a specific amount per completion. In return, we pay a 70% revenue share to the user completing the offer. Our partners include, OfferToro and Personal.y. Although we accept everybody worldwide, our partners and advertisers do not. We want to expand our partner list to those living in third-world countries that don’t have many tasks to complete. Stay tuned – we are working to implement new offers for our members to complete.
  • Withdrawals – Members can now withdraw their offerwall earnings directly to their Bizdustry account.
  • New Theme – We have implemented a responsive website design while including some secret previews of the available offers to our members. We welcome any feedback or suggestions regarding the new theme. If you wish to discuss anything privately, you might want to consider sending an email to (email protected), sending @Joshua Farrell, or @Alexander ( a private message. Anything else can be mentioned below in this topic where our team will review responses.
  • Marketing – Now that we have achieved success at with our Paid to Post forum, we won’t be stopping there. We endeavor for our offerwall to be more popular than some of our popular competitors (Swagbucks, GrabPoints, and YSense, to name a few). The information below outlines how we plan on doing this, taking it one step at a time.
  1. Marketing 1.1 – Use of the Bizdustry YouTube channel, with Tutorials on how to use the platform, including but not limited to registration, navigation, completing offers, cashing out, and much more.
  2. Marketing 1.2 – Use of the Bizdustry Paid to Post Website, with weekly emails reminding our members of the tutorials on the YouTube channel. The email will also include some of our Hot Offers that are high paying and are the most popular (or successful in conversion).
  3. Marketing 1.3 – Use other competitors’ websites and similar niche pages to advertise and spread the “word” about Bizdustry’s offerwall. This also includes larger platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  4. Marketing 1.4 – Word of Mouth
  5. Marketing 1.5 – Paying 500 Biznotes for referring friends to register on our offerwall. More information will be announced later regarding how to claim this offer. Announcements will be posted in the Bizdustry Office.
  6. Marketing 1.6 – SEO optimization and ensuring that ALL search engines index our website. Our metadata, the information search engine robots use to detect new websites, has been optimized to full capacity in the PAGE_CONTAINER template.
  7. Marketing 1.7 – Investing money into Google Adwords & Microsoft Advertising at a later date, with the consideration of paying for Facebook and YouTube advertising to spread the word about our money-making website.
  8. Marketing 1.8 – Expanding our Demographics with targeted Advertising towards countries that have the most offers to complete. This information will be based on previous completions and to what countries are partners display tasks.
  9. Marketing 1.9 – Use the Alerts and Mass PM function at Bizdustry’s PTP (Paid to Post Forum). We understand that sending multiple communications can annoy and deter members away from our platform, so we will try to limit this marketing method once a week. (weekly basis).
  10. Marketing 2.0 – Use of the Blog at to write articles and tutorials about the new offerwall, including but not limited to registration, navigation, completing offers, cashing out, and much more.

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