nikon d5600 – When shooting RAW + JPEG , is there a way to delete the raw files without deleting the corresponding JPEG, without having to hook it up to PC/laptop?

I am using a Nikon D5600, and many times i am shooting in situations where i do not have a laptop/pc handy.

I want to shoot RAW + JPEG and since it fills up the camera memory card quickly, i want to transfer them through wifi into my android phone, so that i can later on (when i have access to my laptop) move the raw files from phone to laptop for further RAW post processing.

After transferring to phone, i want to delete the bulky raw files from camera, since there is no use having them eating so much space in camera. But i want to keep the corresponding jpeg files intact in camera, for easy viewing of the images in camera.

But i when i try to view the in camera gallery , it only shows the JPEG file, it does not show the RAW file separately. I am assuming, if i delete that, it will delete both the RAW and the JPEG file from the camera. Is there no way to view the 2 separately in camera, so that i can only delete the RAW file ?
Is this camera behaviour of displaying only the JPEG file of shots taken in JPEG + RAW mode common across all nikon models ?

Is the only way to delete the raw files and leave the corresponding JPEGs intact in the camera, through using a PC ? Is there no way to do this in-camera ?