nikon – Is it possible to focus on a fixed distance for self portrait using Point and Shoot camera for a decent photo?

I have Nikon B500 point and shoot camera. I have tripod too. It’s pretty nice camera if you have to take photos of others. But I want to take self portraits. There’s no other person available to take photos. Even if I find one, they’ll get irritated soon.

Now, the camera has many focus settings which you can use while taking photo of a person. All you have to do is just focus on subject/person (by half-press the shutter button) and click it. That’s it.

But in case of self portrait, you can’t focus on yourself, because you’ll be the same person.

I use sef-timer, which is great, but problem is, it takes a blurry photo, because it doesn’t know where to focus. There are many focus settings like (you don’t necessarily have to go through them, just providing in case you need details):

enter image description here
enter image description here

enter image description here

For me, default settings works fine most of the time. My current settings are PRE-AF autofocus and Face Priority.

But the reason I’m getting blurred/not so good photo is because Face priority determines focus only before timer starts. But at that moment, I’m not in the frame. So it just doesn’t work.

I have SnapBridge app too, for remote photography, but it doesn’t give flexibility to change focus when I’m in frame or once the timer has started. I mean it’s just for clicking the photo. So it’s quite useless for me.

I hope you understood me problem. There isn’t any problem with camera, it’s just I don’t know what can I do make the camera somehow focus on distance where I’m standing.

So, is there any other way to somehow fix the focus at some point and then use self timer so my image is sharp because focus is proper? Somewhat like they can do in DSLR with a fixed length focus? Or any other workaround that fixes this problem?