node.js – How to make distinction between user establishing another connection and different user, under same network, establishing new connection

Sorry, the title of my question might be a little confusing. I have this online game that utilizes websocket connections for the users to initialize so my server can broadcast messages to all them in real-time as the game progresses. I figured this was a better solution than having the clients polling the server every X amount of seconds asking for updates.

I recently came to the stunning (to me at least) revelation that clients that are connected to the same household network share the same public IP address. I have some server logic that enforces every websocket connection to have a unique IP address. So as you can see, this sorta screws up that logic. I added this check in mostly because I didn’t want users being able to be in multiple games at once.

I can bypass this check and allow all websocket connections, even if they share the IP address of an already connected client, but I’m wondering if there’d be anywhere I could determine whether the same user is simply opening up a new tab to try and join another game, or if a completely different user under the same household network as the first user is trying to establish a new connection to join their first game.