nodes – How do I enable a REST resource for a custom content type?

I’ve created a bunch of custom content types like “Car Makes” and “Car Models”, but I can’t seem to figure out how to enable a REST resource for them. In my REST settings page, I see the default content, content type, user, user registration enabled and a lot of disabled types below it. This list doesn’t contain any of my custom created types.

If I go to the permissions page, under “RESTful Web Services”, I only see “Administer REST resource configuration” and “Access POST on User registration resource”. How can I enable “Car Makes” as a REST resource and directly GET/POST with it?

I saw this screenshot, but I don’t get anything like this in Drupal 8.4:

enter image description here

In this screenshot, Todo is a custom resource, which requires writing a plugin. Do I have to write a plugin module just to expose each of my custom content types in REST?

I can work directly with the content endpoints, i.e. POST /node/123, but I would like to POST /carmakes, for example.