normalization – Name of common database poor design? (unitary column for all dimensions)

I’ve seen this in a few database and I thought I saw a website that named this once.

One, is there a name for a common programming fallacy/ bad design that is often implemented? Maybe there isn’t a name for these “Foibles” in general.

But more importantly, is there an actual NAME for the common design flaw implemented in the following fashion?

animal_id, dimension_id, dimension_value
horse, legs, 4
cow, legs, 4
cow, color, white
dog, color, brown
dog, breath, smelly
human, legs, 2
human, breath, minty

You get it. Imposing all the dimensions in a single column. True, there CAN be use cases for this is odd scenarios (really very unstructured, unpredictable data) but I’m wondering if there’s a name for this and some of the flaws. Maybe there is a resource somewhere?