Not finding raspberry.local on my computers

So, just bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and downloaded the Sticky-Fingers Kali-Linux image, and flashed it to an micro-sd card. I don’t want to spend 20 dollars on a micro-HDMI adapter + USB keyboard, so I found a way to set it up headless from the official site ( I added the necessary files, triple checked they’re all right, and booted up my Pi. I tried using both nmap and fing to find devices on my network, but my device isn’t showing up. So, I decided to try mDNS. But when I try sshing into it with my WSL2 Ubuntu, it fails. So, I installed avahi-daemon, made sure it works, but ssh still fails. "No such host is known". I decide to just use powershell, still fails. I already had Bonjour but installed it again, and used putty to try connecting to it, still fails. Tried using a Mac, times out trying to connect to port 22. I checked the Sticky-Fingers image documentation, makes no mention of a different hostname. I tried connecting over a USB connection (configuring the pi as a ethernet/gadget), still fails. I have no idea why it’s not connecting, and I’ve tried everything I can find short of buying adapters. I really don’t want to spend money (even if it’s relatively cheap) if I can do it headless. If anyone can help, I really appreciate it.