npm – Create local TypeScript package with types and functions defined in separate source files

I am trying to learn npm and TypeScript. My aim is to create a TypeScript package called scrape-jobs in one project and use it in another. I want to keep my type definitions separate from my function definitions (in the source code) if at all possible.

After building my project, my scrape-jobs folder structure is as follows:

|   .eslintignore
|   .eslintrc
|   .prettierrc
|   package-lock.json
|   package.json
|   tsconfig.json
|       functions.d.ts
|       functions.js
|       types.d.ts
|       types.js
|       functions.ts
|       types.ts       

As shown, the declaration files for my functions and types are now in two files: functions.d.ts and types.d.ts. However, the "types" property in package.json only allows for a single value, so how can I specify both *.d.ts files to the consuming project?