nt.number theory – A note on the Riemann hypothesis

Whilst studying some paper of Bui et al on the Balazard-Saias-Yor criterion for the Riemann hypothesis, I stumbled upon what really seems to be a posible proof of the conjecture, see https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.14776146. My paper has been seen by several professors and grad students in some Facebook groups for the past two weeks, and they are yet to point out any terminal flaw, though mist of them are not analytic number theorists.

The issue is, I have been looking for online math forums where I can get constructive feedback on my argument. I’m from a country where number theory is not taught at any university. My study relies entirely on books, lecture notes and research papers freely available on the internet. I’m yet to find such a place, and i’m well aware that MO is not one of them. But perhaps you could allow my post to be here for a day or two so that some of the experts here may take a look at my paper ? Anyone interested can also kindly email me for further discussions.

Or do you know any online math forum where I could get serious feedback ? Thanks.

PS: This post is not at all intended to be malicious. Rather, i’m genuinely looking for constructive feedback from those willing to give it. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have any better place where I can ask this.