nvidia – Can get an X Window only on the console or on RDP, but not both at the same time

New to Ubuntu, but I’ve been around Linux for while.

I built my first Ubuntu box. Core i5 processor, GeForce GTX1080 graphics. Running gdm3.

Installed xrdp.

I can be logged in at the console, or I can RDP to the box, but I cannot do both at the same time. If I’m on the console, my RDP session logs in, but I get a blank screen. If I log off from the console, I get an X-Window in my RDP but the display on the console switches to “No Signal.”

This is driving me crazy because my Raspberry Pi 4 allows me to be logged into both simultaneously.

I’ve compared xrdp.ini and sesman.ini on both machines, but I can’t find any difference.

Is this possibly an NVidia X-Server issue? Does anyone know how to get simultaneous displays on the console and RDP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!