Nvidia consuming power – Ask Ubuntu

I discovered that NVIDIA is consuming 95% of the battery-life alone & i want to deactivate it or prevent it from working entirely on my PC.

Solutions I tried:

  1. Purging NVIDIA entirely. (no difference)
  2. Working with Nouveau. (decreased the power consumption to 1/3 of the original consumption).
  3. Modprobe Nouveau (nothing appeared to change from step 2 especially that i am uncertain that I did it correctly, i found the steps here: Disable Nouveau driver)
  4. Someone mentioned that “Disabling Nouveau/NVIDIA does not mean it is not working” (I was not sure about what he said but it could explain my issues, but I’m afraid to try something from 9 years or such, it was mentioned here: Disable NVIDIA by bbswitch)
  5. APCI solution (I did not understand it entirely or what to do etc.,)

All I want is to make the best battery life out of my Laptop without sacrificing the dual screen, I did not find any useful material from searching on the internet. it is not doable to switch from dual screen (where NVIDIA is working) to on-battery mode (where NVIDIA should not work or consume battery).

Solutions i tried to make battery last longer: (where i also discovered that NVIDIA is the main problem)

  1. BoostChanger app by nbebaw (especially This issue)