nvidia driver interupting left mouse click

i have a very high powered laptop, so this may be a duplicate of
Left mouse and touchpad click unresponsive
-but instead it recovers after swirling the mouse or holding movements keys on the keyboard (wasd) almost emmediately.

i moved off my usb 4 port hub and its not a power brown out/ connection/ mouse driver problem.

it seems like some program is sleeping the mouse LEFT CLICK after inactivity of about 300 nanoseconds. also sometimes it becomes completely unresponsive for about 5 seconds (5000 ns) forcing me to use right click mode as if im running macintosh garbage.

highly annoying script.

during installation zero problems

running nvidia applications PROBLEMS

hopefully we ccan get a dev/guru or both in here to nock out this problem. im sure were not the only ones offended by it.