nvidia – No Audio after update from 18.04 to 20.04

Have been using Ubuntu since version 12 using the very same hardware and everything always worked ok after update. So now I just updated to 20.04 and have no audio thru HDMI or Analog output, and a couple of programs won´t run anymore, as Libre Office, I-Nex, and others. I can go ok without the programs but I need the Audio working. That gave me a flashback of my old Windows OS…As I always do I searched online for a solution and I found that a lot of people are looking for the same solution. I forced reconfig/reload pulseaudio and alsamixer, no result. So as I was writing this post I tried to do some print screen to include here and I couldn´t save the file anywhere, as it would give me “Error creating file”. I am not sure if these 2 problems are related but it kinda seems suspicious. I know a bit of Ubuntu but not enough to figure this out. Anyone have some tips to me??? This site won´t let me embed my print screen pictures so links are below. Thanks a lot.

System Information
Audio Device-Intel
Audio Device-NVIDIA