Offer for small or medium adult sites


Would like to propose a deal for your paysites.

We can market your paysites by uploading edited videos to tube sites. The main idea is to:

  • edit your paysite videos, cut them into parts and add watermark/s, intro and outro
  • writing descriptions and titles for each video
  • uploading them to tube sites

This will help you boost your sales and increase revenue.

Our prices are as follows:

PACKAGE 1 – $9.95 per video
(100 videos per month)

PACKAGE 2 – $8.95 per video
(200 videos per month)

PACKAGE 3 – $7.95 per video
(400 videos per month)

Included with each package is:
– video editing (if needed)
– unique title / description / tags written
– uploading

Thank you.

Email: gabriel (at)