Office.Settings not retrievable in Excel Online when created and set in Excel Desktop

According to the API docs, the Office.Settings objects are saved per add-in and per document. That is, they are available only to the add-in that created them, and only from the document in which they are saved.

I’m a bit confused regarding the Office.Settings interface. I’ve created a gist in the ScriptLab Add-in where I set 2 setting objects (queries and queryIDs) and then retrieve them (log them to console).


If I run this gist on Excel Desktop, then I can create the settings and retrieve them successfully. If I save this workbook and open it in Excel Online and run the gist again then I cannot retrieve the settings, it returns null for both settings object.

According to my knowledge the ScriptLab Add-in is the same for the Desktop and Online version, am I missing something, or is it the intention of OfficeJS to not make the settings available/visible in the Online version if it was created and set in the Desktop version?

Settings desktop found:
The settings objects was found in Excel Desktop

Settings online null:
The settings objects was NOT found in Excel Online