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Just to clarify what I mean, there is probably a NULL legitimate reason that the code on this site is much more than:


Why do you choose Purever?

As the name implies, Purever offers comprehensive and hygienic water storage solutions. Purever is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel water tanks with tons of quality materials. From residential buildings to commercial and custom stainless steel water tanks, Purever specializes in all aspects of stainless steel water tanks construction, installation and maintenance. For the safety of the intact water and the maintenance of the temperature, each stainless steel water tank is provided with a double protective layer. Each construction step carefully monitors every single stainless steel water tank to ensure a long and lasting performance in any weather. When installing these water tanks, only stainless steel fittings are used.

30 years experience

For the last 30 years, Purever has won exceptional personalities. Purever's stainless steel water tanks are one of the most recognized and respected manufacturers of domestic and commercial tanks worldwide.

Life utilities

We have provided products and services that take all aspects of life into account. We understand "goodness" as our business philosophy, that through what we do, we help create a better world.

health and safety

Standardization of security policies, procedures & amp; Reporting, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, safety training and providing adequate resources for a successful safety culture and successful program.


We believe that our steel products are integral to a sustainable consumer society and we are very proud of that. We are constantly redesigning the future of stainless steel and special steel to the benefit of our customers

Tank used

Use of plastic & amp; Concrete water tanks for water storage are very unsafe because they lead to many health hazards. Pure stainless steel water tank is the answer to all these contaminants and contaminated water tanks. When using stainless steel water tanks, the differences in water quality become apparent. To protect the freshness of the water, the stainless steel water tanks are very carefully formed with sealed inlet and outlet ports to prevent the growth of bacteria in the tank. Purever's stainless steel water tanks are hygienically qualified to withstand all weather conditions and maintain water quality.


Optimized water solution

Stainless steel water tank 2000 liters

Stainless steel Purever water tanks provide 100% safe and secure water storage solutions and are more reliable than plastic and concrete water tanks. The stainless steel water tank is capable of coping with the complexity that other materials can not manage. The maintenance-free water tank made of stainless steel is not only economical, but also cost-effective by Purever.

Code (markup):

Apart from the broken "frame" idiocy – edit – THEY was saddled up. 9,500 markups, loading 21,000 – and scripttardery generates over 40,000, not even counting the size of the external scripts. The ONLY thing that even justifies the use of JavaScript is the smooth scrolling and slideshow, and any decent slideshow script should really not need more HTML than what I've just provided.

Even though I've once again seriously thought about making the huge silly slideshow that does not even fit the aspect ratio of most screens, instead I focus on placing CONTENT there, which reflects what the visitor can actually rely on – like learning about products and contact you. (instead of hiding the contact behind the nothing or under the fold)

If the site had been created this way, sitemap creators, search engines, and other non-visual UA (such as screen readers and braille readers) would be NULL if they were to move through that page. It would also load faster and use the caching of models with similar styles across pages, because we can move ALL presentation nonsense out of the markup into the style sheet where it belongs.

… even though you've just posted that it's not your website, would you like to see the kids gloves taken off and let me tell you what I REALLY think about the codebase?