open source – Which Front End projects have privacy and security in mind?

I have a project idea that I’ve created a prototype for. This prototype uses React.JS (front end), Node.JS (back end), MySQL(database) and bootstrap(CSS). This project will be FOSS (Free and open-source software) because there is no good program/app that is FOSS in this particular area. Because of this I do not want to use React.JS because I take a stand against privacy killers such as Facebook (who maintains React.JS).

My question there for is Which front end frameworks are FOSS, truly respect your privacy and does not in any way contribute to Privacy Killers such as Facebook, Google, etc?

AKA Does not collect data (anonymous or not) or all data collection can easily be turned of completely.

This question is not a discussion since what I am asking for is projects that have their source code online, where there is a definite Yes or No answer to if a front end collects data to their servers or not (which even if they say they do not or its anonymous, they might sell to third parties. I do not care that the data is anonymous or just your OS specs, etc. No data collection.)