opengl – Applying spacing between moving, rotated rectangles

I am trying to implement basic Snake game with movement based on timestep. For now I’ve got something along those lines:

Update function:

glm::vec2 headPosition = glm::vec2(m_segments.begin()->m_sprite.get_position());
float angle = m_segments.begin()->m_sprite.get_angle();

for (auto it = m_segments.begin() + 1; it != m_segments.end(); it++)
    glm::vec2 oldPosition = it->m_sprite.get_position();
    float oldAngle = it->m_sprite.get_angle();


    headPosition = oldPosition;
    angle = oldAngle;

Move function:

glm::vec2 position(m_sprite.get_position());
position.x +=  cosf(glm::radians(90.0f - m_sprite.get_angle())) * VELOCITY_SCALAR;
position.y += -sinf(glm::radians(90.0f - m_sprite.get_angle())) * VELOCITY_SCALAR;


Basically I set next segment position to the old position of previous segment. As expected spacing between those segments is equal to timestep value. How can I calculate position so I can manipulate spacing between those segments?