Opinions about Hostwinds VPS? | Web Hosting Talk

Hello everybody,

Upgrade from my shared Bluehost server to a Hostwinds VPS for my WordPress site, as it receives 10 times more traffic than it has been since using Bluehost.

I've worked with VPS servers on hostwinds for a few clients, but only on the front and a little back-end PHP, etc.

How is Hostwinds as a company and what is server speed and uptime? My website transmits about 50 GB of data per month, with the content of the website being about 6 GB (this is all the backend content, many of which are obviously not displayed to the user).

Cpanel costs $ 13 a month, do I need that?

I know that Hostwinds can transfer the site for me, which is a great incentive.

Thank you in advance!