Oracle 19c Select Query with Database Link

How can I use the following query with database link:

set pages 999
col "Size MB" format 999,999,999
col "Objects" format 999,999,999
col OWNER for a25
select obj.owner "Owner", 
       obj_cnt "Objects", 
       decode(seg_size, NULL, 0, seg_size) "Size MB" 
  from (select owner, count(*) obj_cnt 
          from dba_objects 
         group by owner) obj, 
       (select owner, ceil(sum(bytes)/1024/1024) seg_size 
          from dba_segments 
         group by owner) seg 
 where obj.owner=seg.owner(+) 
 order by 3 desc, 2 desc, 1;

I tried different ways but in all I got the error ORA-00933 “SQL command not properly ended”.