Panel with the most features but the lowest amount of needs in terms of resources?

Currently am using Virtualmin, but think it would be overkill to keep it, as it does everything, plus it has 100 features I don’t use, same with cPanel, it’s just too much, and I don’t need to pay $15 for something free.

Is there a panel that has:



Auto Lamp (obviously)

Basically everything needed to run the most basic of secure sites. I hear TinyCP is good, but I think it was missing something I needed, and I want to be as close to headless as possible, without having to manually install WordPress and each setup I kind of like the one click install for WordPress in VMin, but it’s not required if there’s a way to add that on, or at least do it easily.

I ask because I booted a $3.50 VPS fully expecting it to be slow, but with EasyEngine, basically headless, it was FAST, and wasn’t even near crashing. So now I am kind of excited to see if I should be doing something close to TinyCP or if there is a simple free panel that requires very little in the way of maintenance.

Again, VMIN is the best so far, so as close to that as possible without the RAM and CPU requirements? I dunno, Maybe even a guide to uninstall modules with VMIN, or do a minimal VMIN or maybe there’s a fork out there?

Thanks again!

– Sean