Paper wallet – how do I get Bitcoin from an exchange?

Receiving funds in Bitcoin is an asynchronous and passive process.

A sender creates a transaction that consumes some unissued transaction (UTXO) output and assigns the shared value to newly created UTXO. A UTXO generally states a bitcoin amount and some output conditions that must be met in order to consume the UTXO. The most common output condition schemes are shown addresses,

When users of exchanges enter Fiat and / or cryptocurrency into the custody of the Exchange to gain access to the Exchange's order book, the user must request a payout to retrieve their balance. In the payout request, the user must specify how the money should be blocked by indicating an address from his wallet. The sending of a transaction is completely controlled by the sender: he only signs part of his credit in a lock-script predefined by the recipient. The recipient's wallet does not have to be signed off and has no veto. It is therefore quite possible that the recipient's wallet is not connected to the Internet and will be transferred to a piece of paper as long as the recipient only knows the corresponding address.