partition – Can SSD be partially dameged and how to prove such an hardware damage?

To make it short, is it possible that an SSD is partially damaged in the meaning of MBR is fine and bootloader also works and OS installation works and the error only occurs after a while? And if so, how can I prove that the SSD is damaged?

Some background why I ask:
My new employer bought me ten weeks ago a new laptop with SSD and I bought the same one the same time from same seller. Two weeks ago my screen froze I ran into the initramfs prompt on ubuntu. After trying to restart I didn’t even got initramfs but grub cli and couldn’t find anything that looks like my filesystem. Any attempt to repair the partition with fsck or e2fsck failed. I installed Ubuntu again and the same day I had ran into the same problem. Finally, third installation works for two weeks now.

Yesterday, the same error occured on my laptop at work.
I first the screen froze, then initramfs prompt after hard shutdown and
Mounting from alternative superblock failed. and finally fsck -y -f -sb 123456 /dev/nvme0n1p5 and exit made even initramfs freeze.
I tried to install ubuntu again and erase disk but then I always got

input/output error during write on /dev/nvme0n1 

My companies laptop is on the way back to the seller and I am afraid that I am sitting on a timebomb with my private laptop.