partitioning – “alternate gpt header not at the end of the disk” when trying to boot Ubuntu 21.10 from bootable USB

I’d like to try the latest 21.10 daily build on the off-chance that it fixes some minor hardware compatibility issues I’m having with 21.04. I only want to boot it from the USB to try it out, not actually install it. I downloaded the latest build a few hours ago and made the USB with the Startup Disk Creator. It mostly boots fine from USB, but then stops, giving me a few related messages about the GPT header, including “alternate gpt header not at the end of the disk”. I’ve since tried formatting the stick and cloning it over again (which shouldn’t change anything afaik due to the way cloning works, but why not) and it did not solve the issue.

It seems like that’s the kind of thing that can be solved with GNU Parted, but I’m not at all familiar enough with the issue to try solving it.