partitioning – Restoring Windows Apps (UWP) after cloning an internal disk drive

I’ve just cloned an internal HDD 1TB to a different 2TB disk using Minitool Partition Wizard, also expanding the partition size to the full available space. This computer is running Windows 10 patched to version 2004 on a separate drive. I’ve also re-mapped the Drive Letter to the one used by the previous disk.

Unfortunately upon restarting I’ve noticed that Windows is unable to locate any UWP app installed on this drive – when I try booting them I get an error telling me that the app is “Offline” and Windows 10 can’t find it.

Regular win32 applications (steam, EGS, Origin) have no issue whatsoever mapping their old files to the new drive. I can only assume that UWP apps locate their files using a different device namespace rather than regular drive letters.

Is there a way to fix this and map the old apps to the new drive? Are such paths store somewhere in the registry?

I mean, I think I could probably just re-download them to fix this but it’s around 300GB in games and apps that we’re talking about.