partitioning – System sometimes failed to boot and crashes randomly (if succeeded) in Ubuntu 20.04, How to fix?

So I have a laptop with model ASUS 553v using Ubuntu 20.04, no dual boot. There are problems when started booting and when it successfully booted then randomly crashes.

Problems when booting:

  1. Randomly goes to BIOS ez mode from ASUS, but cannot go to GRUB and
    start the OS, just looping to BIOS again.
  2. Randomly stuck in the ASUS logo and the fan starts to sound really noisy
  3. (I don’t know if it is a problem) It always shows this error when booting. For detail, I typed the repeating messages
ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating named object, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS
(Firmware Bug): ACPI region does not cover the entire command/response buffer.
/dev/sda2: recovering journal
/dev/sda2: Clearing orphaned inode

Problems when successfully booting:

  1. System suddenly crashes and my screen becomes like this after a random amount of time.
  2. Doesn’t crash but cannot open any apps including the terminal. (This usually leads to problem 1)
  3. Doesn’t crash but directed to Ubuntu Login UI and looped there. (This usually leads to problem 1)
  4. It crashes when I open a game using SteamOS with Vulkan running, the error says something about read-swap error. (I forgot to take a pic of it, and now almost of the time my laptop fails to boot)

What I’ve tried:

  1. I tried upgrading my kernel using UK Tools but it failed due to dpkg problem for the Linux header and I am confused so I stopped trying to upgrade it.
  2. I tried to go to initramfs in the booting phase then run fsck -f /dev/sda2 it took really long the first time so I restart the laptop for some reason and then I try it again and wait like about 10 hours but still it’s not fixed.
  3. I tried updating my firmware (though I don’t know what firmware) through Ubuntu Software GUI, but it failed to update it.

I really don’t understand much about OS and I know I might have made my laptop condition worse, but please can someone help me, I’m desperate :(. I also have the thought that all this happened because of my poor quality and old HDD because of this page and I don’t know how to upgrade my firmware or kernel manually.

Please tell me how to fix my laptop, or do I need to change my harddisk and all this problem gone? Thx in advance.