pathfinder 1e – How can I improve Teleport Familiarity?

When it comes to the Teleport spell, familiarity is important:


  1. “Very familiar” is a place where you have been very often and where you feel at home.
  2. “Studied carefully” is a place you know well, either because you can currently physically see it or you’ve been there often.
  3. “Seen casually” is a place that you have seen more than once but with which you are not very familiar.
  4. “Viewed once” is a place that you have seen once, possibly using magic such as scrying.

I’ve got some downtime to prepare. I can buy some things, or craft items, but custom items are sadly unavailable.

What I want to do is prepare some way to increase familiarity with my current position. A teleport beacon, so to speak. I know about one potential solution, which is the Dungeon Ring. However, this only works to people, and not to locations. Also, 17k gold is quite a lot, and I don’t care for the “status” or “can’t remove ring by themselves” features.

Is there a more affordable way to significantly improve the chance of a successful return trip?