pathfinder 1e – Mechanically Speaking, What is the Best Alignment for a Cleric?

So I for a while now I’ve thought that from a purely mechanical standpoint true neutral is the best alignment as a cleric; you can worship any deity because they will always be within 1 step; similarly, with aligned spells you are not restricted so long as you either worship a concept or have a true neutral deity.

Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells: A cleric can’t cast spells of
an alignment opposed to her own or her deity’s (if she has one).
Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the
chaotic, evil, good, and lawful descriptors in their spell

Alignment: A cleric’s alignment must be within one step of her
deity’s, along either the law/chaos axis or the good/evil axis.

Well, that’s more or less my own theory on it but I tend to overlook stuff in the rules quite frequently and wanted confirmation from someone more familiar with this kind of stuff than me.

Out of all the alignments, what is the best one for cleric, mechanically speaking?