Payment receipt help paypal sucks!

I founded my own company called MastoorA Beauty
I had a Paypal account that worked flawlessly for months. Then suddenly a customer payment was postponed. Although they have now received their items and I have updated the tracking information, my account is still suspended and I have no postage and item costs anymore

I was told that there are options to receive payments from Paypal customers without having a Paypal account. The majority of my income is with Paypal customers … so I am currently suffering a heavy blow.
1. Do I have other options to receive payments from PayPal customers?
2. Is there any other way than to safely receive payments online?
3.My bank is British, but most of my clients come from the US and Canada … if that helps
This is my page if that helps
I set up one of our Paypal accounts for beauty reviewers to recover my lost sales for the time being