payment – Who in their right mind would waste their Bitcoin on taxes or buying random stuff?

First of all, I very much get the “argument” that Bitcoin has to be used as a currency for it to function long-term and it’s a good thing if it is, etc. Not arguing against that.

But when I keep hearing about this company and that government/state/town “accepting” Bitcoin for payments of random stuff or taxes, I can’t help but wonder to myself: Who in their right mind would be wasting their hard-earned Bitcoins like that? Why would they not pay taxes/stuff with fiat and hold on to their BTC?

Of course, excluding the remote possibility that they are all doing it “for the greater good”, which sounds extremely unlikely.

The only explanation I can possibly think of is that maybe they expect it to go up in value, so if they buy some Bitcoin now, even if at a premium, and then wait for some time, and then use it to pay for taxes/stuff later, they would still waste less money even including the capital gains taxes that they have to pay to pay for the taxes… in fiat… because they used their Bitcoin to pay for… taxes… ugh… my head starts spinning just trying to make sense of that.