PDF google doc missing right margin

I have the answer for world peace on a google doc, but when I PDF it, the right margin is not there.

The document consists of two columns in landscape 8.5 X 5.5. I have printed a similar document on 8 X 11, cut the pages in half, then folded the half pages in have. Once paginated, I sewed them together and glued the book to its cover.

The back cover reads:

The bliss of ignorance is the delight of those who know but don’t tell. It’s the failure of democracy when there is only one representative for every half million tax payers.

This pocket reference takes a look at the Articles of Confederation to see the union before the constitutional convention. Along with the Declaration of Independence and the Northwest Ordinance there is context that provides insight into how the original 1789 constitution can improve the union today: effect party reconciliation and secure for posterity a people based republican democracy.

You can read the book for free by going to yahoo.com. Sign in as freespeechfreepress@yahoo.com. The password is lessonsofmassinstruction. The book can be accessed in the drafts folder.

I would appreciate any help solving the right margin problem.