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PECODEX LTD, a private equity firm, has begun to invest in the Cryptocurrency and related industries through the creation of a Balanced Asset Basket with a view to making it profitable in 2021, and has been registered at the UK Corporate Registration and Ownership Office under the registration number 13187711 . The main activity of the company is generally in the Cryptocurrency domain and specifically in the Cryptocurrency field of exchange and Cryptocurrency stock markets. Our company is committed to providing innovative financial services to the Cryptocurrency industry, with a scientific and global approach. First, we rely on the experience of our traders to model the relationships between the Cryptocurrency market variables with the price of each digital coin. Then, with the use of statistical methods and econometrics, we evaluate the accuracy and then, using the data mining, we will optimize the predictive components in the next step. Our team combined the recognition of smart money and machine-learning algorithms to create a hybrid system for the recognition of a market-leading profitability market, with a daily return of up to 55% which is better than the human trade index. This great success is not enough for us and we are always researching and developing to improve our trading system. The knowledge created by us and the methods developed here, in addition to the digital currency catalog, are used for the purpose of marketing a digital currency algorithm, marketing, and high frequency transactions and arbitrage in the option of all digital currencies..

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