Pentium 4 rescue

I am trying to boot an old P4 under Linux to grab an image of it’s main disk.
It has a P-ATA boot disk with Windows XP and a mere 512MB RAM.

Luckily its stone-age BIOS is able to boot from CDROM before anything else so I have burned and tried:

  • systemrescue-7.01-i686.iso
  • systemrescuecd-x86-5.3.2.iso
  • CorePlus-11.1.iso

Those should be all "legacy CPU" distros.

At the best I can start the Linux boot but then it simply powers off the PC during the kernel boot.

I don even get the init stage!

I could run memtest, for example, without any issue.

I have tried to diable APM (apm=off), ACPI (acpi=off) amd HyperThreading (noht). But nothing works.
I suppose either the CPU is too old or the amount of RAM is too small.

I do really need to snap a disk image of that PC, but I see no option without booting Linux.

Any hint?