performance – How can I measure the impact of queries with errors being rejected by SQL Server?

After configuring XE to capture some errors I noticed tons of errors coming from requests of a legacy app (that probably won’t be corrected so soon). The errors can be classified on the 1st and 2nd steps for Processing a SQL Statement:

  1. The DBMS first parses the SQL statement. It breaks the statement up
    into individual words, called tokens, makes sure that the statement
    has a valid verb and valid clauses, and so on. Syntax errors and
    misspellings can be detected in this step.
  2. The DBMS validates the statement. It checks the statement against
    the system catalog. Do all the tables named in the statement exist
    in the database? Do all of the columns exist and are the column
    names unambiguous? Does the user have the required privileges to
    execute the statement? Certain semantic errors can be detected in
    this step.

The doc also says that Parsing a SQL statement does not require access to the database and can be done very quickly, but the amount of requests being fired at the server made me think I should verify.

I’d like to measure the resource consumption impact caused by those wrong requests being rejected on those steps. Is there a way to do so?