performance – Simple Python Benchmark

The following is a quick attempt at testing some limits of my computer:

import multiprocessing
import time

def main():
    numbers = tuple(multiprocessing.Value('Q', 0, lock=False) for _ in range(multiprocessing.cpu_count()))
    processes = tuple(multiprocessing.Process(target=count, args=(number,)) for number in numbers)
    for process in processes:
    for process in processes:
    print(sum(number.value for number in numbers))

def count(number):
    while True:
        number.value += 1

if __name__ == '__main__':

Without changing the overall design (adding one to a variable as many times as possible within a certain time limit), is there a way to improve the performance of the code? In this case, having a higher number printed out on the same computer is better.