permissions – On Windows 10, how to move a bunch of folders grouped into one folder multiple times?

Sorry if I don’t word myself better,

basically I have these bunch of folders: F1, F2, F3, F4, … , F1000

I want to automatically make new folders and group certain amount of these folders into them. Like it’d make a “New Folder” and put folder F1 through F10 in it, then it’ll continue making the next “New Folder (1)” and put folder F11 through F20 in it, and so on until there’s just not enough folders left.

The newly made folder’s name isn’t important, I can bulk rename them later, I just want to group them alphabetically/in order into several folders that’s filled with 10 folders inside.


what I have is Folder1, Folder2, Folder 3, Folder 4, …. , Folder1000

what I want is for Folder1 to Folder10 are moved inside a newly created folder, and then it’ll automatically make new group-folder and move the next folders (Folder11 to Folder20) into it.