permissions – Sharepoint Online custom app distribution failed for co-worker, not for me

I’ve been developing and deploying a custom web part on our SPO tenant for a while. Today, my co-worker tried to deploy a new version of the app.

He successfully uploaded to the app to, and pressed the “Deploy” button that popped up – just like I always do.

But in the right most column on mentioned site (which I believe in English is named something like “Error from application package”) he got a “distribution failed” error message (and a correlation ID).

I have no idea how to debug this, as I wouldn’t know even where to find any logs. As this procedure works for me, I suspect it has something to do with access rights or something.

Does anyone here have an idea why this is happening, and how we can fix it?

PS. I originally posted this over at Microsoft’s tech community, but didn’t get any responses so I’m re-posting it here.