photo editing – How to create a more natural look using Strobe lights for watch photography?

thanks in advance for any help provided. I am fairly new to product photography and recently ditched my lightbox for strobe lights to create a more natural and true to the eye look on my watches. The lightbox lighting gave more a dark greyish tone which did not show the true color and texture of the watches. Now I have a new setup using strobe lights, but I am still not getting the correct lighting on my products (see purple pic below). 2nd photo is the goal. Since I have so many watches to photograph and list, I prefer not to use photoshop since it takes quite a bit of time to edit each photo. Since using the new strobe lights I get this purple tint which I can’t figure out how to get rid of unless changing the temp, saturation, and tint in photoshop. I want to maintain a white background at the same time but getting the correct lighting for the watch is priority.

In summary

  1. How to get rid of the purple tint using current set up?

  2. How to achieve correct color of watch that is similar to what you would perceive in person? (such as the second photo)

Setup: 2 strobe lights on either side of watch and nikon d3500 on tripod

Here is my current photograph with the purple tint and black shadows around the bezel
Here is the goal I am trying to achieve