PHP 8 and script compatibility

With PHP 8.0 reaching 8.0.10, 10 releases is usually a good metric that I use to qualify a new version of PHP as being production ready. After 10 releases you would think that the majority of the bugs have been ironed out and that enough time has elapsed so that major applications have reworked their code to be compatible with the latest release of PHP.

Having said all of that, are there any major scripts or plugins that the community is aware of that are not yet PHP 8 compatible? Any issues with up-to-date scripts and PHP 8 that the community is aware of?

I see that WordPress is still recommending PHP 7.4 or greater. I would say most of our web hosting clients use WordPress. I suppose I’m just assuming, but I would assume that by now the core WordPress should be compatible with PHP 8 – or is this not the case?

Unfortunately there are too many WordPress plugins to go through, but again I’m assuming any reputable plugin has been made PHP 8 compatible.

Joomla!’s recently released 4.0 recommends PHP 8.0.

I’m not sure what other scripts/applications are out there that are popular and used a lot and where they stand with PHP 8.

I’ve long since been an advocate for slowing down the PHP release cycle. PHP 8 is nearly a year old and will go end of life in a little over 2 years. This limited lifetime makes it difficult for script and application developers to keep up with the changes. I know PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 are both technically in-life, but I’m trying to get ready for switching over to a PHP 8 by default model. But if script and applications don’t align themselves with PHP 8, then they run the risk of becoming PHP 8 compatible as PHP 8 is reaching end of life.