php – How to edit HTML of my website on WordPress?

There’s a few parts of my website where I’d like to edit the HTML code. How to edit the HTML code of my website without the edits getting wiped out after an update?

I’ve heard about child theme’s but I don’t fully understand how they work.

  • How will I specify which part of the website I’m editing?
  • What if an update occurs, how will it know which parts of the code to update and which parts I edited to leave them alone?
  • Does a child theme allow to edit the code of a plugin?

Could someone please help me out and maybe drop a link to a good tutorial on how child theme’s work and how to use them to edit the HTML code of a specific part of a website?

There’s loads of tutorials online about how to create a child theme but I have not found anything about how to actually use it.

Up until this point I’ve only used the Code Snippets plugin for adding custom fuctions and CSS editor in the customizer to edit the appearance.