php – remove_filter from within plugin class

I am using a plugin that is adding a filter that I don’t want. So I want to remove the filter. Their code is as follows:

class GF_ScheduleExportEntries extends GFFeedAddOn {
    public function init() {
        add_filter('gform_form_list_columns', array($this, 'gform_form_list_columns'), 10, 1 );

    // This is what I want to remove
    public function gform_form_list_columns($columns){
        $columns('gfsee_export') = esc_html__( 'Export', $this->_slug );
        return $columns;

I have tried doing the following, which doesn’t seem to work:

add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'gwu_remove_plugin_filter' );
function gwu_remove_plugin_filter() {
    global $GF_ScheduleExportEntries;
    remove_filter('gform_form_list_columns', array($GF_ScheduleExportEntries, 'gform_form_list_columns'), 99);

Any suggestions?