php7 – Fedora 33/32 – Install PHP 7.3

Seems simple, but I have been unable to install any version other then php 7.4 reliably on fedora 33 (32 seems to have the same issue according to remi).

PHP 7.4 is the default install, but the project I need to work is locked to 7.3 atm due to dependencies that don’t work in 7.4 yet.

Remi repositories cannot install below 7.4 either, only multiple versions can get 7.3, however if you do that, it also installs 7.4 and although you can tell nginx to use 7.3, cli is locked to 7.4 (I bet you can do something about that, just not sure how, basically gotta use php73 rather then php for cli commands).

Using the wizard for Fedora 33 can show the versions available and how.

Is there a way to reliably get php 7.3 working on Fedora 33? I don’t mind multi version as long as both cli and fpm can be using the same version.