Pictures uploaded to Facebook displays wrong colors, but only in Firefox

I’ve noticed on several occasions that the colors of my photos are slightly off when uploaded to Facebook. But I noticed this apparently is only in Firefox.

Take this photo, for example:

When viewed in Firefox (MacOS), the colors off. Most noticeably in the bottom of the picture, where the rock is too red and saturated. When viewing page on Chrome or Safari, the colors looks correct*.

I also uploaded the same photo to 500px, where the colors look correct* in Firefox:

When the colors look correct in 500px, then my conclusion must be that it is not me doing something wrong. Although I edit the photos in ProPhoto or ROMM RGB, I always export to sRGB color space from inside Capture One.

I read somewhere that Facebook compresses the image into a proprietary ICC profile as a means to save kB, so this probably relates to Firefox doing color management different from other browsers (unfortunately, I didn’t save the link to that page).

Is there anything I can do, e.g. export to a different ICC profile for Facebook to make sure that colors are rendered correctly in all browsers? It annoys me that users of a particular browser does not see the images as they were intended, and in this particular case looks over-processed.

* By “Looking correct”, I based this on a visual inspection with the browser and Capture One side to side.