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Begin: 02/13/2019


2118 The Earth is preparing to colonize the solar system. The first colonists are already going to Mars to expand the boundaries of human civilization.

Many companies have the opportunity to make money through the space rush. And only today you have the chance to get a piece of the cosmic pie without leaving your home planet.

Buy land on Mars and increase your capital daily! Investing in iMRS tokens gives you guaranteed interest and the opportunity to win a medium or global jackpot. Become a colonizer – embrace infinity

Investment plans and features:

The cost of iMRS tokens increases by 5% after each purchase of 10,000 iMRS

The Play Infinity referral program is 2% of the contribution of all listed participants

Minimum deposit: from 1 iMRS token. The initial cost of 1 iMRS is 0.0005 ETH.

Maximum one-time contribution: 1000 iMRS tokens

There are no restrictions on the amount of the withdrawal. You can withdraw the invested money at any time. Sold Tokens are returned to the game at the current price and can be purchased by new or existing members.

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