plotting – Creating An Input That Crushes The Application and/or Computer?

Dear StackExchange Users,

Can anyone assist me in creating a line of input that will malfunction the Wolfram Mathematica 12.3 application (and ideally the computer) when it executes/been executed? In my experimentation, I have come up with inputs that lag the application, but take a lot of time to be processed (ex: Table(PieChart(Range(n)), {n, Range(100,100)}), as after a pie chart is created, it will lag my computer every time a mouse is hovered over it). Perhaps this concept can be expanded to answer my demand, as it focuses not on performing a difficult computation, but at showcasing the integers of the pie chart which are very close together :thinking: I have only started using the program yesterday, and hence want to believe that there exists a line of input that crashes the program, and that there are experienced users who will help me in the search for it!

Thank you in advance!)