plotting – Extract original vertex from VoronoiMesh

Consider a set of random coordinates.

pts = SortBy(RandomReal({-1, 1}, {25, 2}), {First, Last});

and find it’s VoronoiMesh,

mesh = VoronoiMesh(pts)

enter image description here

Now for finding faces, we can use mesh("Faces") to list them base on the coordination of mesh vertices

pts2 = mesh("Coordinates");

Which for example you can colored them as follows,

col = RandomColor(Length@pts);
Graphics({{col, Polygon(pts2((#))) & /@ mesh("Faces")}(Transpose)})

enter image description here

But I cannot find in mesh("Properties") any entry related to original vertices, pts.
In other words, I want to relate faces (listed in mesh("Faces") ) to original points (listed in pts)
For example, properties "PointInFaces" gives a point in each face, but it is not the original points,

enter image description here

I can use the following code to relate faces to original points, but it is a time-consuming task, particularly when the number of points is large.

VORfaces = Polygon(pts2((#))) & /@ mesh("Faces");
Flatten@Position(# (Element) VORfaces((1)) & /@ pts,True) // AbsoluteTiming

Another suggestion is by using PointInFaces and Nearest function.

ff = Nearest(pts -> "Index")
originalpointIndex =Flatten(ff /@ mesh("PointInFaces"))

By potting them, you can find an excellent match,

Graphics({{col, Polygon(pts2((#))) & /@ mesh("Faces")}(Transpose), Text(#((1)), #((2))) & /@ ({Range(Length@pts), pts}(Transpose)), White, Text(#((1)), #((2))) & /@ ({originalpointIndex, mesh("PointInFaces")}(Transpose)) })

enter image description here

I am wondering if there are any natural properties to relate mesh coordinate and original vertices?