plotting – How to combine more plots in single image inside a loop

I was reading basic help here
How to | Combine Two or More Graphics
, but I did not get it.

I have simple differential equation and want to change a constant “b” (in this case “damping”) and plot all graphs in a single image.
Here is the code:

(*Single mass damper system of a rail car *)
(*with 10 mm starting deflection *)
m = 40000;     (* (kg)    *)
k = 1600000; (* (N/m)   *)

for(b=0, b<=160000, b=b+20000,

sol = NDSolve({
m*x''(t) + b*x'(t) + k*x(t)== 0,
x'(0) == 0,x(0) == 0.01},
x(t), {t, 0, 10});

Print(Plot(x(t) /. sol, {t, 0, 3}, 
PlotRange -> Full ,
PlotTheme -> {"Grid"},
AxesLabel->{"Time (s)", "Vertical suspension deflection (m)"}, 
PlotLabel->Style("Single mass damper system of a rail car", 12, Bold))) 

Can anyone please help?
I’m just missing “hold on” from Matlab here.
Thank you in advance.